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ADLab: Quail Released

Quail is software library created to help facilitate automation testing of WinForms applications. It’s written in C# and using Microsoft Workflow Foundation for creating and orchestrating testing scenarios.

The primary audiences for ADLab Quail are .NET developers and advanced QA engineers working on .NET WinForms applications. Using Quail requires some knowledge of .NET Framework and familiarity with C# programming language. It’s unlikely that Quail can be used by person who is not capable of minor programming, but if you have advanced tester in your team or your developers doing (even partially) testing themselves Quail can be great help. The level of programming knowledge required, however, far less that one needed to create unit tests.

 Quail Page:

Выпущена в свет первая версия библиотеки Quail для создания, редактирования и запуска сценариев тестирования приложений написанных на  .NET с использованием WinForms. Описание, скриншоты и download по ссылке выше.

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One thought on “ADLab: Quail Released

  1. Mac

    is there some more information about this software. I am interested in license and some manual. I couldn’t find it so I’m asking for Your help.